3 Resources To Keep You Thinking About The God-Man

Chris Swann | Dec 19th, 2013

NTE13 may be finished. But the party keeps going!

NTE mission teams have pitched in to help local churches across Australia to share the good news of the God-Man, Jesus.

And with Christmas around the corner, there's plenty of opportunity to keep thinking about, rejoicing in, and sharing the tremendous news about who Jesus is and what he's done!

Here are three of our picks. (Hit us up in the comments if you have other recommendations.)

1. Watch 'Christmas In Dark Places'

Glen Scrivener is an Aussie, living and working in the UK. His stuff is always worth check out and passing on to others!

And this year he's made a moving little video (which we've embedded at the top of the page), summing up the drama and significance of Christmas like this:

It's dark, in the Bible, when Christmas is spoken.
Always a bolt from the blue for the broken.
It's the valley of shadow, the land of the dead,
It's, "No place in the inn," so He stoops to the shed.
He's born to the shameful, bends to the weak,
becomes the lowly: the God who can't speak!
And yet, what a Word, this Saviour who comes,
Our dismal, abysmal depths He plumbs.
Through crib and then cross, to compass our life.
To carry and conquer. Our Brother in strife.
He became what we are: our failures He shouldered,
To bring us to His life: forever enfolded.
He took on our frailty, He took on all-comers,
To turn all our winters to glorious summers.

2. Dwell on 'Jesus at the Centre'.

Richard Bauckham is one of the world's best Bible scholars. He has written important books on the historicity of the Gospels as well as how the first Christians understood the man Jesus to share in God's unique divine identity.

In this brief sermon on Isaiah 57 and Philippians 2, Bauckham draws our eyes to the jaw-dropping way in which the incarnation puts "Jesus right at the centre of all human life and God’s purpose for the world".

It's stirring stuff!

3. Pick up Con Campbell's book, 'Paul and Union with Christ'

Christianity Today have just declared Con's book their 'Book of the Year in Biblical Studies'. This means they reckon it's one of the "books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture” in 2014!

Although it may still be one for the more committed reader, the way Con describes its content and distinctive contribution in this promotional video sounds pretty amazing:

Order yourself a copy from Amazon - http://amzn.to/R7rm1a