The Cross of Christ: CSU MYC 2011

Emily Reeks | Jul 29th, 2011

I found Mid-Year Conference amazing this year. My first year of going to MYC was last year and I left on a massive high after that, but this year certainly delivered as well. The theme of MYC this year was “the cross of Christ”, and daily activities including seminars, small Bible study groups and Bible talks got us delving into God’s word every day. In seminars we first started looking at God’s wrath in response to our sin, and just how serious and personal it is - fierce and burning.  We looked at God’s justice and how, being true to his nature, God cannot let sin go unpunished. Then we looked at God’s love and how his character and nature is innately and everlastingly loving.

We bought this all together by looking at atonement and what Jesus has done on the cross. And I was so encouraged by this. God expressed his love and wrath, and his forgiveness and punishment in one act on the cross. To some it doesn’t make sense – and can seem quite contradictory! But when you understand more and more about God’s nature, the cross was actually a perfect and consistent expression of God’s character and fulfilled everything he had promised.

I was challenged also in my understanding of the Spirit. I am now so much more thankful of this gift from God, which enables me to grow and change as I take in God’s word. I am grateful that the Spirit will help me discern the way everlasting from my sinful nature. That it is a deposit guaranteeing my inheritance into God’s kingdom! I was also challenged in the way that I pray; I need to thank God for Jesus every time I pray because he sacrificed his life so that I could have a personal relationship with God. And everything I do, I need to do in the name of Jesus Christ, who clothed me in his righteousness!

Other highlights from MYC included the fellowship. There were lots of familiar faces from last year but also some new ones as well. While last year volleyball seemed to be the flavour of the week, this year it was handball and ballroom dancing. They were great activities and allowed us to get to know people from different campuses better. And once again, the food was amazing and abundant.

The main thing that I will take away from MYC is a new understanding of God’s nature – his perfect, faithful and consistent character. It is so different from anything we are, or anything we experience as sinners and it makes me so grateful that God in all his fullness would want a genuine and intimate relationship with me. Only through Jesus Christ! I have been encouraged to speak more about Jesus and I hope that after MYC we as students can be bold on campus and in our lives in general, knowing that we have been entrusted with the good news that will save those who don’t believe from God’s wrath against sin.