Engaging worldviews and crossing cultures

Helen Bell | Jan 5th, 2013

University is a place of great diversity. From where I sit I can see Muslim students purchasing kebabs of halal meat, physio students dressed in track pants studying anatomy, and poster boards where Chinese students advertise for Chinese housemates and everyone is invited to 'Walk against Warming,' 'Demand Justice for Palestine', and to come to a party dressed as a porn star. These are just the visible differences. Beneath the surface are a wealth of different cultures and worldviews. Culture and worldview (I'll leave the difference between them to the academics!) are the lenses through which people interpret the world and their experiences in it. Ask people the right questions and you'll be surprised at the range of answers you get about the meaning and purpose of life.

It is in this community that we proclaim Christ Jesus as Lord. University provides opportunities to cross cultures and make disciples of all nations; to engage with different worldviews and take every thought captive to Christ; to love God and each other by promoting community-enhancing rather than community-destroying ideas and practices (Matt 28:19; 2 Cor 10:5). If you choose to.

And if you do choose to, here are some ideas of where to start:

1) Understand your Christian worldview

2) Challenge alternative worldviews

3) Cross cultures to build relationships