Evangelism on Uni Campuses

Jess Khor | Oct 12th, 2014

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of evangelism on Campus is walk-up evangelism.

You know, when you walk up to a complete stranger and ask if they’d like to hear about Jesus?

Immediately, I feel guilty because I haven’t done enough of it and at the same time I feel that dread in the back of my neck that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many times I’ve done it before.

If you share this feeling, then take heart – you are not alone.

owever, in reality this view of evangelism is quite skewed.

This is because my first thought of evangelism shouldn’t be of the dreaded walk-up, but about the joy and absolute pleasure that comes from knowing an amazing message.

It is amazing because it comes from a God who wants to be known and who has made himself known.

Just take a moment to think about that...

It is the answer to the question that is written on the heart of every person. It is the answer to the question of life, meaning, and eternity.

This is what evangelism is about, whether on campus, in the workplace, or at home.

We should not limit it to the one small organised activity of walk-up evangelism, but recognise that it is the result of what happens to us the moment we first believe.

It is a message that transforms who we are as people. It is a message that changes how we see and understand our world. It is the message of the only true God, who has made himself known.

So rather than becoming internally paralysed or guilty every time we hear the word ‘evangelism,’ let us first, praise God!

Because he has seen it fit to make himself known to us – and this beautiful message transforms who we are.

Let's sit and bask in the peace of his goodness because we know him as Lord, as King, and as Saviour.

Then from there, evangelism doesn’t seem like such an abstract concept or some kind of activity that only really godly Christians do.

Instead, it becomes who we are.

Put simply, it becomes the result of a life-giving message that seasons every aspect of our very being.

It becomes the result of a life transformed.

Not because of any of our marvellous abilities.

But because of the power of the God who wants to be made known!