Living beyond YOLO and FOMO

Ben Rae | May 22nd, 2014

Jacinta is a 3rd year Agricultural Science and Commerce student at the University of Western Australia. She shares about her experience last year at her third Mid Year Conference, exploring the topic of Resurrection...

Taking us beyond YOLO (and FOMO)

I went along to my third Mid Year Conference (MYC) knowing I was in for an intense week studying the Bible, think theologically, and digging deep into the truth of Jesus’ resurrection.

But I didn’t realise how much of the week would be about our resurrection.

I totally underestimated how big a part our resurrection plays in the Christian life.

It’s the resurrection that takes us beyond the desperation reflected in problematic acronyms like YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

So much more than fun, food and fellowship!

The cliché for attending Christian camps is “fun, food and fellowship”.

MYC has that, and so much more!

In fact, a better tagline might be ‘Bible, Bible and Bible’ with ‘fun, food and fellowship’ thrown in (or maybe in the fine print).

I think many Christians—including myself at times—don’t realise how powerful God’s word is.

So it’s refreshing to go to a conference that embodies the conviction that because God’s word thoroughly equips us for every good work, we can and should study it in depth!

Bringing the resurrection alive

Of all the Bible input at Mid Year Conference—the talks, small groups, solo time, and electives—the seminars did the most to bring the resurrection alive for me over the course of the week.

I particularly loved the first seminar where we looked back at the Old Testament and saw how the hopes and promises of the Old Testament don’t make sense without the resurrection.

In another session, we also compared and contrasted the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection.

To illustrate how two people could be at the same event yet notice different things, two students left the room and then had to give an account about what happened in the previous night session.

It highlighted the fact that while the Gospel writers note different details for different reasons, they still accurately portray the same events.

Seeing others come alive

This MYC I found it so encouraging to see others blown away by our great God and Saviour.

Nothing beats my first every MYC in terms of what I learnt and what continues to shape me most as a Christian.

(It was only a few months after I first understood and believed the Gospel. We studied the Cross, and it was life-changing to consider how God moves us from being rebellious enemies to being justified sinners, relying on his extravagant grace and looking forward to the kingdom.)

But this time I loved seeing others come alive when they understood something new or saw a greater significance in stuff they already knew.

Knowing the God who raises the dead!

MYC really brought into focus for me what it means to know the God who raises the dead.

I learned from Romans 8 how much better than this life the age to come will be. And I was challenged to set my heart on that instead of the fun times desperately ‘YOLOing’ now.

Since MYC last year, I also have more urgency for sharing the gospel.

And I pray more urgently. I know I can’t change people, but God can, because he is the one who raises the dead.