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FOCUS OCF Swinburne

Campus director

Paul Hughes
[email protected]

About us

The Swinburne CU is a group of uni students who want to know and love God deeply. We are passionate about all that Jesus has done for us and seek, by the power of his Spirit, to become the people he wants us to be. We meet together because we know that God doesn’t want us to do this alone, but to live out in community with each other the very love that Jesus has for us. Part of CU is FOCUS, our international student wing. For more info, visit


Making great videos ... without making a video!

I first heard of Adobe Voice a little while ago. The next day, after a few hours of playing around with it, I released this ad: Videos are hard to beat Videos are great. As a mode of communication, they’re hard to beat. They’re engaging, memorable, accessable to anyone with a smartphone, easy to take in and...