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Bill Colyer
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Sam Hemming (president)
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About us

QUT in 2013? Come to UNICONNECT: meet us this summer! Thursdays 4-6pm starting 17 January @St Andrews (160 Vulture St) then hangout @southbank. Uni is a great time to explore your beliefs, regardless of whether you've been a Christian for a while, or maybe you've never figured out what Jesus was on about... why not check it out at uni? OR: Want to support QUT Christians? Email us to recieve prayer emails so you can find out things to pray for us and how to support us financially... thankyou!


Fitting in & standing out - 3 practical ideas

Part 1: Fitting in & standing outStanding out for Jesus is easier when we understand the choice we’re making. There are a few other practical factors that can also help1) Find a place where standing out is the way to fit in.This is why joining a Christian group on campus is so important. You’ll join a community...

Fitting In And Standing Out

The soundtrack for heroism? Heroism is hard work without a good soundtrack. You see it in the difference between who we love to watch and who we love to be. Sitting in the cinema, we cheer for the person who stands up against injustice and we imagine ourselves bravely making the same stand. However, when we’re...