Dharshi Anendsingh

Partnering with students to proclaim Christ at Monash University



I have been greatly blessed by the ministry of AFES and its dedicated staff workers, who taught me faithfully how to live as a Christian and mature in my faith since 2008. In my opinion, there's nothing more exciting or valuable than sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and maturing His followers in their faith in Him. After a two-year apprenticeship with Monash CU, my zeal for this has only increased. Without your prayers and partnership, this would be impossible.

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How Will You Invest Your Suffering? (Book Review)

What’s your life like now? Perhaps you’re relatively happy. Life’s been good. You’ve got few complaints and a smile on your face. Or maybe, life hasn’t been so great. You’ve lost loved ones, struggled with sickness, or simply making it to the start of another year is a surprise to you. In this world, you will...