Fiona Kirsop


AFES Staffworker - Communications Facnet

As a graduate from the Design faculty at UTS, I am glad to be back on campus back to serve the faculty I loved and hold out the word of Life to all those at UTS, alongside students in Design, Architecture and Communications. When I was a design student, we were told that "Design is life" - but Jesus tells us that he has come to offer us life, to the full (John 10:10). What an awesome message of good news to bring to people!
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Crazy Busy (Book Review)

Written by Kevin DeYoung, 2013 We know we have a problem with busyness. We are busy, we are burdened by our busyness, and not being productive in it. Kevin DeYoung takes us through the sinful heart of our busyness in this insightful, punchy book, and I think it’s worth your time to read it. That, and everyone I know...