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Part-time staff, Macquarie Uni

I'm studying a PhD in intercultural ministry while ministering part-time at Macquarie Uni Christian Union and Epping Presbyterian Church. Subscribe to my newsletter, Multicultural Ministry Matters
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Weeping & Waiting

In this past month, the Victorian bushfires have destroyed lives in more ways than one. Every victim leaves behind others, who grieve their loss. Chances are some of you reading this article will have lost someone—for you, loss is not theoretical. Even if we haven’t lost anyone personally, this tragedy has rocked...

Where is God in natural disasters?

2011 has been a year of bad news: the floods in Queensland and Victoria; the bushfires in Western Australia; the cyclones in north Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia; and last, but definitely not least, the earthquake in New Zealand. And in all this, we wonder – where was God, when all this...

The Murky World of Dating & Romance

In this series of articles, we've been looking at the difference between relationships where sex is appropriate – marriage – and relationships where it's not – friendship, or Christian brotherhood/sisterhood. The basic point of these articles has been that we can have relationships, with both our own gender and the...

Healthy Cross-Gender Relationships

In my previous article, I drew a distinction between relationships where sex is appropriate, and where it is not. Love and intimacy are appropriate for friendship, and for Christian brotherhood/sisterhood – but sex is not. Sex belongs exclusively in marriage. We need healthy relationships with people of the...

More to life than sex?

Our Salt article showed how our sexuality is a wonderful, God-given element of our created humanity. This article makes a parallel, complementary assertion: there's more to life than sex! If we treat sex as the centre of our life, we misuse it and, instead of being happy and fulfilled, we become sick and miserable....