Karen Morris



Arriving on campus as a new Christian & seeing 9 of my friends become Christians convinced me that University ministry was profoundly important. I knew the difference Christ made in my own life & then saw the difference he made in their lives. I was hooked on evangelism from that moment forward. My adult life has been spent telling the gospel at uni, at work, at the school gate & in cafes all around the world. I’ve worked on Universities in NSW, Victoria, Spain & Belgium, & loved it.
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The One-Minute Gospel Explanation

 As an evangelist I am always on the lookout for useful tools to helpfully explain the gospel. I've had the opportunity to tell people the gospel hundreds of times, and so I developed my own gospel diagram.  The idea is that I can explain the gospel in under a minute and I just need a serviette and a pen....

OnCampus 2013 Evangelism

Hi, Can I talk to you about God?In a thousand different forms this is the question that AFES groups around Australia are asking of students. And an amazing number of people say yes!Where else in Australia are you allowed to be this blunt talking about Jesus? The amazing opportunity we have on campuses changes and...

Introducing God

Where in the world can you have a discussion about God that ranges from the creation of artificial intelligence through changing nappies to building freeways? This is my experience of the discussion arising from the Introducing God videos. This series of evangelistic talks is the one that I use all the time.[1] I...

But is it real?

Written by Amy Orr-Ewing United Kingdom: Inter-Varsity Press, 2008 But is it real? is aimed at answering the common questions that people have regarding Christianity. Orr-Ewing is obviously experienced at answering these questions and the book is easy to read. She deals with issues such as: 'Your relationship with...