Sarah Weber


Women's Worker with Christian Union @ Deakin Uni Geelong

I grew up in Geelong in a ministry family, and I knew my need for Jesus from an early age. God used the AFES staff workers at uni to graciously and persistently challenge me that His plans and purposes demanded my efforts and priorities. After working as a Speech Pathologist I completed a ministry apprenticeship on campus and then studied at Moore Theological College. Seeing university students take Jesus seriously through Bible study, prayer and evangelism is an exciting and strategic venture.
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The Cross and Understanding Yourself

Who are you really? What are you supposed to be like? What, or whose purpose do you serve? What does it mean to be alive and made in the image of God? Do you question God? What do you dream for and how does that compare with God’s dreams for you? And what does all of that have to do with Jesus' death? You may have...