2020 Base Camp (Country Vic)

Registrations closed

Registrations for this event are either not open yet, or have closed. If it's an upcoming event, please check back here soon!

Why do people in our world need saving and why should we care? The Bible frequently speaks on humanity's need for help and how God graciously works to save people - even people like you. And if we already know how God saves, why are we reluctant to share such an important message?

Kick off the uni year by coming for the weekend, where you'll meet some amazing people from your own campus and other regional campuses. And we'll learn from the Bible together and discover how God amazingly uses ordinary and reluctant people to save humanity.

See you there!            

Dates: Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March 2020
 270 Ascot Rd, Creswick VIC 3363 at Log Cabin Camp

Full Time Registration (includes food & accommodation)
Full Time: $105

First Year 
Full Time: $95 

Part Time Registration (One Night Accommodation)
Part Time: $80