Uni Fellowship Engage Semester 1 2018: Evangelism

Uni Fellowship Engage is an opportunity during each semester to pause and take some extended quality time out together to build relationships, think theologically and work that out for our life on campus. The broad topic of Semester 1 is Evangelism with a choice of practical electives.

The Conference will be taking place on Thursday 12th April at Wellsprings Anglican Church building, corner Lord St and Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay. Registrations open at 3:15pm with session 1 commencing at 3:30pm with our time finishing at 9pm. Lunch, drinks and snacks will all be provided. Please come and join us for as much of the time as you can.

All event registration includes membership of the University Fellowship of Christians TUU Society. 

For more information contact us on [email protected]

For the full program visit ufcutas.org/unifellowshipengage

Conference registration includes an automatic annual membership for University Fellowship of Christians TUU Society.
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