Starting Uni Well

Make Contact Before O Week

Our groups have Welcome events for first years to mingle and meet each other and upper year students, even before uni begins.  This is the easiest time to meet new people before the flurry of Week 1 kicks in.

Once you know what uni you’re studying at, connect through the online link.  We’ll pass your details directly and confidentially to your uni group.  They’ll be in touch with what they are doing.

Get Known as a Christian

The best tip ever: get known as a Christian from early on.

Not in an annoying way, but a natural way like: “Just heading off to the uni Christian group at lunch time.  I’ll join you another time.”

You can do this by introducing friends: “We met at church, or at the Christian uni group.”

Getting known as a Christian is so simple; everyone can do it.  It starts your journey as an active believer at uni.

Find a Church

If you’ve moved, you’ll be looking for a new church.  We recommend trying the churches your minister or pastor has suggested.  If you’re stuck for church suggestions, come to the uni group and try a church one of the students attends.  You can then visit a church with someone you know, and they’ll introduce you around.

You’re at uni for more than a degree!

What you learn for your degree is only one part of your time at uni.  You will meet people and make friends who will have a long-lasting impact on you.  And no doubt you will influence others as well.  Uni is the time to think about the people you will learn things with, and learn things from!  What better things to learn about than things that matter for eternity – learn about Jesus!  And there’s no better way to go through uni than with other Christians to support one another.

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