COVID-19 Response

AFES abides by government regulations and university rules.

COVID-19 Risk Protocols for AFES
2pm 25 March 2022

(Staff Team Leaders should review this document with their staff, and recommend it to student leaders).

  1. Abide by your State or Territory government policy & protocols as they are updated.
  2. Abide by the protocols of your University and University Guild (Clubs and Societies) if they have provided clear application of the updated State or Territory protocols for activities on campus.
  3. Abide by the protocols of the Residential conference site or camp site.
  4. If you become infected with Covid, inform AFES staff and students you?ve been in contact with according to your State or Territory government policy & protocols for their awareness and your care. If you consider you have become infected with Covid at work, complete an Incident Report.
  5. If staff or staff families have comorbidities, staff should self-assess what meetings to attend, and the level of infection protection required.

If further information is required contact us here.