National Training Event

It’s a National Event!

In December each year, we come together on a national level, gathering under God’s word to grow a deeper conviction for mission to the nations.  As we learn more about the character of Christ, we hope that all students can be Trained, Transformed and Sent for the gospel mission.

We’d love you to join us this year as we gather, so save the date and we’ll see you in December!

It’s a Training Event!

Each year, you have the opportunity to take part in a strand: a group of fellow students and leaders aimed at training you for the reading and teaching of God’s word.

We want each and every student to grow in their knowledge of God and to feel confident in reading His word for themselves.  Strands are a fantastic environment to be equipped and trained, as well as meeting brothers and sisters in Christ.

There’s a strand for everyone, ranging from writing Bible studies, to preparing topical talks.

You’ll love it!

Not only do we study the word of God, but each event is packed with great things to do, ranging from our main sessions and strand groups, to our gospel expo and ACT NOW campaign.

You get to share meals with brothers and sisters in Christ across Australia, and be encouraged in hearing how God is at work in our nation and beyond.

Get others to register

If you’re already keen to register, why not invite a friend or two?  Whether you think it would be great to equip and train them too, or if you’d like an unbelieving friend to hear the gospel preached in Strand 101, invite them along!  We’d love to see them there too.