March PrayerNet

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Fri 1

Pray for University of New England, Armidale Christians United as they continue to engage with the students they met over O-week; that many of them will attend ‘Kick Off Camp’, being held on 1-3 March, so that they will begin to build deeper friendships with new students and share in meaningful fellowship at the Kick Off Camp weekend.

Sat 2

Pray that both the Canberra Christian Society at Australian Catholic University, Canberra ‘O-Day’ and ‘Market Day’ events will go well and that people will meet Jesus through them.

Sun 3

Give thanks for the good number of First Years who have made contact with Orange Christian Students at Charles Sturt University in the lead up to Semester 1.  Pray that there would be many First Years connect with OCS this year.  Pray for Kate and Lara, the OCS Committee, and staff as they work to connect with new students.

Mon 4

AFES Evangelism || “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. they have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 | Meet Jesus: See God’s glory Pray that we’ll boldly speak of Jesus in all his truth and grace so that many see God’s glory.

Pray for the Murdoch Christians United at Murdoch University, WA Launch Party on 4 March; that the event will be a success, that many people will attend and learn about the opportunities that Murdoch Christians United offers on campus, and that they will be keen to get involved.

Tue 5

Pray that in line with the AFES Mission statement we will constantly be in prayerful dependence upon God for all that we do on every campus for his glory.

Wed 6

Pray for the Graduate Christian Union at the University of Melbourne as they launch their new weekly meeting format on Wednesday evenings; that it would be helpful for graduate students as they consider how Jesus and their faith shapes their studies and worldview.

Thu 7

AFES FOCUS || Pray for Matthew Meek (FOCUS National Specialist) visiting FOCUS groups in South-East Queensland in mid-March.

Pray with thanksgiving for all the students, both new and returning, who have signed up to be involved with the Sydney University Evangelical Union this year. Pray that many more join and hear the gospel on campus.

Fri 8

Praise God that James Cook University, Cairns Christian Students are able to fellowship with JCU Townsville during ‘Kick Off Camp’ from 8-10 March and  that as a group they may be encouraged, challenged and strengthen by his word.

Sat 9

Pray for IFES Armenia and give thanks for the new ministry ideas and spiritual enthusiasm that were generated during prayer at the World Student Day event last October. Pray that this momentum will continue, grow, and bear fruit.

Pray for Ballarat Christians at Uni, at Federation University as preparations for the John Drama are made and executed.

Sun 10

Pray for Christian Fellowship at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga as the start meeting at an earlier time for UniChurch; that more poeple will be able to go because of the change.

Pray for Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Parramatta as the students return to uni this month. Thank God for the opportunity to meet on campus, and pray that many students will be eager and engaged as bible studies begin.

Mon 11

AFES Evangelism || “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. Whoever rejects the Son shall not see life, because God’s wrath remains on him.” John 3:36 | Meet Jesus: It’s life or death. Pray that we’ll urge many to seek safety in Jesus.

Pray for Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown’s welcome stalls and bible studies commencing on 11 March; that they will be able to reach many new Christians and non-Christians.

Tue 12

Pray for CU ECU Mt Lawley Perth: for meaningful conversations as they begin running Meet Jesus mission events.

Pray for Christians at University at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne; that many new students will connect with the group.

Wed 13

Pray for Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Bankstown/Liverpool current students as they start back at uni; that they are able to settle back into classes and bible studies.

Thank God for the many new contacts Credo at the University of Technology Sydney have made so far this semester. Pray that they’d begin to be established in Christ at uni, through Growth Groups, Public Talks and training.

Thu 14

AFES Apprenticeships || Pray for the planning for the 14-16 June Apprentice Conference; that God would give insight, pastoral smarts and clarity about goals and means.

Pray that new students would feel welcomed to Griffith Christian Students at Griffith University, Brisbane through market stalls and socials.

Fri 15

Pray for University of Western Australia Christian Union; that the students they met at their stall on O-Day will want to join them for Bible talks and other events throughout the year.

Pray for University of Wollongong Uni Bible Group and their recently launched ministry hubs; that they will be reaching the lost in their areas with the offer to meet Jesus.

Pray for the Melbourne Uni CU annual ‘Base Camp’ from 15-17 March; that it would be an enriching time in God’s word and with each other and that newcomers and First Years would feel welcomed.

Sat 16

Pray for CCS ACU Canberra and the year ahead; that their ministry will be blessed and the living God will be shown throughout the CCS group and the people in it.

Sun 17

AFES FOCUS || Pray for FOCUS groups that are organising Easter Camps or talks, and for international students attending to come to faith or be built up in faith in Christ as Lord.

Pray for EU Sydney Uni as small groups start for the semester; that these groups would be places of encouragement, growth and enrichment as students read God’s Word together.

Mon 18

AFES Evangelism || “He who comes from heaven is above all. He bears witness to what he has seen and heard, yet no one receives his testimony. Whoever receives his testimony [agrees] that God is true.” John 3:31-33 | Meet Jesus: He’s Heaven’s Witness. Praise God that Jesus taught the truth of God. Pray they will do the same and many will receive Christ’s testimony.

Pray for the provision of a new Vice President for CU ECU Mt Lawley Perth.

Tue 19

Pray for the BCU Fed Uni Committee this semester as they juggle their courses and CU commitments.

Wed 20

Pray that in line with AFES’ second value, we will constantly shape all our methods, our ministries, and our mission by the Scriptures.

Thu 21

Pray for ACUCU Melbourne; that God will watch over the ‘Base Camp’ being held from 22-24 March.

Pray that new students would find out about CBM WSU Bankstown/Liverpool on campus and join them in growing in their faith.

Fri 22

Pray for the Melbourne Uni GCU‘s Semester 1 retreat from 22-24 March as they explore the topic of “Friendship – No greater love”; that it will be an encouraging time for everyone there, that they will be captivated by the love of Christ, grow in community with one another, and be excited to proclaim Christ to the university.

Pray for the members of CU UNE Armidale as they prepare for ‘Music and Dessert Night’ on 23 March; that they would prepare for a welcoming and fun evening of listening to music performances and eating tasty desserts, and that students would think carefully about how they might reflect the love of Christ through these performances.

Sat 23

Pray for many Bathurst Christian Students at Charles Sturt University and Orange CS CSU students to come to the Getaway camp from 23-24 March and that they would all be encouraged and equipped for ministry on campus. Pray that the friendships between students of both campuses will be deepened, and their faith grown.

Sun 24

Pray for CF CSU Wagga Wagga’s 24 February event at the pool to meet new students: for the event to run smoothly, for good weather, and for open hearts.

Pray that AFES will double our reach in calling people to turn back to Jesus in repentance and faith by 2025.

Mon 25

AFES Evangelism || “Many Samaritans believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me all that I ever did.” …They said, “…we know that this is indeed the Savior of the world.” John 4:39-42 | Meet Jesus: Meet the Saviour Pray we’ll be like the Samaritan woman – eager to speak about Jesus – that many more might believe.

Tue 26

Thank God that CS JCU Cairns have been allowed to run weekly events such as bible talks, prayer meetings and bible studies on campus freely. Ask God that Cairns Christian Students would be willing to share the good news about Jesus in the lead up to Easter especially during their easter Event on 26 March.

Wed 27

Pray for new 2024 MCU Murdoch Uni WA committee; that they will serve faithfully in their new roles this year and that they will encourage each other and other Christians on campus to learn more about Jesus and share the Gospel.

Pray that all the CU UWA Perth students will be bold with their faith this year, telling others about Jesus and inviting them into the Christian Union community.

Thu 28

Pray for CBM WSU Campbelltown, giving thanks for a successful launch day and the eagerness of students in supporting CBM.

Pray for the Credo UTS Easter conference (ETC) from 28 March – 1 April; that would it be a fruitful time in his Word and with each other and that first timers (first years, international students and explorers) will be struck by God’s guidance and would ask him to lead their lives.

Fri 29

AFES Apprenticeships || As uni semesters gather pace, ask God to give Apprentices many opportunities to explain the gospel to students, and to partner with students in evangelism.

Sat 30

Pray for GCS Griffith Uni Brisbane staff and student leaders as they adjust to some changes this year, and that will be wise in how to serve effectively.

Pray that AFES will double our numbers offering themselves for Missionary Service by 2025.

Sun 31

Pray for Uni Bible Group and FOCUS at UOW as they follow up many new students and contacts.

Pray for the Melbourne University Christian Union Semester 1 outreach events including Welcome BBQ events and J Week (Jesus week) in the lead up to Easter; that God will use their conversations and encounters with students at Melbourne University to share the gospel and the hope that Christians have. Pray for boldness and a desire for students in Christian Union to share their faith with others around them.