November 2022

  • Tue 1

    Pray for Adelaide University Evangelical Students as they prepare for exams from the first week of November; that they would be trusting in Jesus for their ultimate sense of self-worth, and that the way they conduct themselves would speak to those around them regarding the hope they have in Christ.

    Pray for Christian Union Deakin University, Burwood’s ‘Spring into Mission’ from 2-6 November; that there will be unity between CU and the partner church, Laneway. Pray that the mission students will be driven by a desire to glorify God as they share their testimonies. Pray that they may be filled with the love and compassion of Christ as they interact with the people of the church and the community.

  • Wed 2

    Give thanks for the recent IFES World Student Day; that 24,000 people in 135 countries joined to pray together for God to bring renewal to the world’s students. Pray that God would answer many prayers from this event to glorify His name.

    Pray for Christian Union, Macquarie University, Sydney executive as they continue to advertise for NTE and encourage people to come along. Praise God that so far there are 75 people from CU coming along to NTE!

  • Thu 3

    AFES FOCUS || Thank God for last month’s webinar helping FOCUS Apprentices become familiar with the FOCUS Ministry Training Curriculum.

    Pray for Australian National University, Canberra FOCUS; that there would be a smooth transition of student and staff leadership. Pray that God would grant them wisdom, patience, and diligence in reflecting on this year well and planning for the next; all for God’s glory.

    Pray for Christians at University at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, and their new exec team; that they would be excited as they take on their new roles.

  • Fri 4

    Give thanks that Orange Christian Students at Charles Sturt University had their biggest regular bible study of the academic year, which included 4 non-Christians. Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the non-Christians during the break.

    Pray for Sydney University Evangelical Union faculties as they have their weekends away; that students would encourage each other in submitting every aspect of their lives to Lord Jesus, and that visitors would attend and come to know Him. Also, that graduates would be encouraged to serve Him in their work.

  • Sat 5

    Pray for Uni Bible Study at Charles Sturt University, Albury-Wodonga and their newly elected 2023 committee; that they will be filled with wisdom, excitement and peace as they prepare for and step into their new positions. Pray that the transition of committee members will go smoothly, that the incoming committee will easily adjust to their new roles, and that they may glorify Christ in all they do.

    Pray for James Cook University, Townsville Christian Students and those thinking about attending the National Training Event. Pray that many more students will find both the time and the finances to register and that it will be a time of growth for many students on their campus.

  • Sun 6

    Pray that in line with the AFES Mission statement we will nurture our student groups to evangelise, encourage, train, and send students into the world to serve Christ for his glory.

    Pray for University of New England, Armidale Christians United and the two teams going out on NTE missions during November; that these times would be mutually encouraging to both them and the churches they partner with, and that God would use these times to make His name known.

    Thank God for giving Charles Darwin University Christians, Darwin, NT students strength and wisdom this Semester. Pray for the next CDUC Committee members; that God would guide them in sharing the good news. Pray that NTE would be an opportunity for students to learn and grow in their faith and make relationships with their brother and sisters in Christ.

  • Mon 7

    AFES Evangelism || “Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”” (Mark 1:14-15) | Since the time is fulfilled and Christ’s kingdom has come, pray for five friends at Uni to repent and believe in the gospel.

    Pray for Graduate Christian Union at the University of Melbourne as they find ways to reach out to the faculties of multiple graduate schools (Optometry, Physiotherapy, Law) that God may raise leaders in reaching out to these faculties.

  • Tue 8

    Pray for Murdoch Christians United at Murdoch University, WA’s ‘End of Year Brunch’ and AGM on 8 November. Thank God for the service of the outgoing committee and pray for the future committee to serve wholeheartedly with a passion to proclaim Christ and see Christians grow on campus.

    Praise God that many are already registered for the 2022 National Training Event (NTE). Pray that students would be excited to be gathering back in-person in Canberra, and that God would be preparing students to be transformed by the gospel, trained in the gospel, and sent with the gospel.

  • Wed 9

    AFES Apprenticeships || Pray that God would enable the Ministry Apprentices who finish at the end of 2022 to have clarity about what’s next. Ask God to raise up many for a lifetime of gospel ministry, both here and overseas.

    Thank God for University of Southern Queensland Christian Students and their two new apprentices beginning in 2023. Pray that God would provide the support they need to begin their apprenticeships.

  • Thu 10

    Pray for University of Wollongong Uni Bible Group students as they enter exam season; pray for energy, productiveness, self-discipline, and that they would keep their eyes fixed on God.

    Pray for Credo at the University of Technology Sydney and the students graduating; that they would have a restful break and would be able to settle into their next year well. Praise God for their service to Credo and pray that they would continue to glorify God in all that they do.

  • Fri 11

    Pray for Subbies and FOCUS at the University of Tasmania, Hobart and their ‘Spring FOCUS’ on 11, 18 and 25 November and Subbies 15, 22 and 29 November evangelistic events; that the international students and graduates who come will enjoy these events and hear the gospel.

    Pray for Queensland University of Technology Christians as they look to recruit leaders for next year. Give thanks to God for the new executive, as they prepare to serve in 2023.

  • Sat 12

    Pray for Monash University, Clayton’s Christian Union, and FOCUS students as they prepare for end of Semester exams. Pray that they would be able to work hard and prepare well in their studies, whilst also finding rest and assurance in Christ during this particularly busy time.

    Pray for Flinders Evangelical Students, Flinders University, Adelaide; that more in Flinders ES will consider signing up to go to NTE in Canberra this year. Give thanks for the number of students at Flinders who have already registered and are committed to going the distance to this conference.

  • Sun 13

    Pray for Canberra Christian Society at Australian Catholic University, Canberra as they navigate club registration heading into next year. Pray that God would give them wisdom in this process.

    Pray for Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown and all their students going along to NTE2022: for journey mercy and that they will be greatly encouraged by the message and have great fellowship with the other university students!

  • Mon 14

    AFES Evangelism || “Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed him.” (Mark 1:17-18) | As we have heard Jesus’ call to likewise leave everything and follow him, pray God would give us boldness and opportunity to bring others from rebellion to relationship with God.

    Pray for the incoming University of Western Australia Christian Union Committee’s planning retreat from 14-16 November; that they would submit to God and seek to promote the gospel in all they do as they prepare to lead the campus group in 2023.

  • Tue 15

    Pray for ZAFES (IFES Zambia), as their national office burnt down in early September. Thank God that ZAFES are continuing their ministry despite this setback. Pray for wisdom and unity, and that through all these things God will continue to call students in Zambia who don’t yet know him.

    Give thanks for the Orange CS CSU students going to NTE and pray that through NTE they would be well equipped for ongoing ministry and service.

  • Wed 16

    Pray that in line with AFES’ second value, we will constantly shape all our methods, our ministries, and our mission by the Scriptures.

    Praise God for His faithfulness to Griffith Christian Students at Griffith University, Brisbane this year so far! Pray that students might still work to glorify Him at university and abroad, though they may be tired and busy.

  • Thu 17

    AFES FOCUS || Pray that God might bring many FOCUS students to NTE2022 and Mission, and for FOCUS Staff and others preparing to lead strands and electives.

    Pray for ANU FOCUS students going home in the break, particularly for those who will be apart from Christian community; that they would continue to be supported by one another, rooted in the Word, and ultimately comforted by God our rock and redeemer.

  • Fri 18

    Pray for ACUCU Melbourne students; that they will have a greater desire to hear the things of God.

    Pray for Adelaide Uni ES students who are preparing to graduate. Give thanks for their time at ES and the way God has grown them. Pray for God to continue growing them as they head out into the workforce or placement, and for Him to be providing many opportunities to share the gospel with future work colleagues.

  • Sat 19

    Pray for CDU Christians NT’s weekly ‘Friday Night Connect’; that God’s word would overflow into student’s lives and that they would be challenged by His words. Praise God for the opportunity they had to share wisdom and knowledge to year 12 students. Pray that God would give them a peaceful heart to trust, in whatever situation they are in.

    Pray for Christian Union at Deakin University Burwood, Victoria students over the Trimester 3 and summer period, particularly those only recently connected into CU. Pray they will continue to want to learn more about Jesus and be compelled to join CU events over this period. For Christian students, pray that their faith may be grown throughout this period, whether they are having a break or are studying.

  • Sun 20

    Pray for UBS CSU Albury-Wodonga students; that they have a safe and relaxing summer break; that it be a good time of resting in Christ and being refreshed in the Word. Pray that graduating students will be filled with peace as they adjust to their new routines outside of university.

    Pray for CS JCU Townsville students and their 20-25 November Mission Trip to Longreach, a town in rural Queensland; that more people sign up and that God will bless all the planning and logistics that have to be done.

  • Mon 21

    AFES Evangelism || ““But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—Jesus said to the paralytic— “I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home.”” (Mark 2:10-11) | Praise God that Jesus has authority and willingness to forgive sins. Pray for God to open the eyes of our friends to see their greatest need.

    Pray for GCS Griffith Uni Brisbane; that preparations for NTE will be going well and that students who are going will also have their hearts prepared for the teaching and fellowship.

  • Tue 22

    Pray for MCU Murdoch Uni WA’s mission to Willetton Anglican Church from 23-27 November; that as they serve the Church and proclaim Christ that God will work in the hearts of those who hear to turn and live for Him.

    Pray for KSH (IFES Iceland) who have just held their first ever mission week; that God would grow seeds planted in the hearts of attendees who heard the gospel for the first time, and that students would grow in their zeal and hunger to know Christ and make Him known in the university.

  • Wed 23

    Pray that AFES will double our numbers offering themselves for Missionary Service by 2025.

    Pray for CU UWA Perth’s NTE Mission from 23-27 November; that the students would serve faithfully and grow abundantly in their desire to share the gospel through this outreach.

  • Thu 24

    Pray for Port Mac Christian Students as they go to Warialda for mission from 24-29 November; that the hearts of Warialda are open to receiving gospel, and that students can boldly share Jesus.

    Pray for EU Sydney Uni students; that they would be good witnesses in their exam period and would be sustained in their faith.

  • Fri 25

    Pray for Subbies & FOCUS UTAS and the evangelistic 1:1s that are still happening in November; that the international students and graduates they are meeting with will understand the gospel and make a decision to follow Jesus as their Lord.

    Pray for ES Flinders Uni Adelaide students; that God will grow them in a sense of partnership and leadership in the area of International Student ministry, as Flinders ES re-introduces its FOCUS ministry in 2023.

  • Sat 26

    AFES Apprenticeships || Pray that God will help Apprentices prepare well for NTE, both for Missions and for Strand group leading.

    Pray for Credo UTS, as the 2023 Committee goes on ‘Retreat’ from 26-28 November. Pray for strategic discernment, effective planning, good bonds starting to form; but most of all that they would continue to keep God at the centre of all decisions made.

  • Sun 27

    Pray for Uni Bible Group UOW, as the student committee changes. Praise God for the faithfulness and commitment of the current team and pray that new committee would have wisdom and dedication as they prepare to serve next year.

    Pray for CBM WSU Campbelltown and their new committee; that God will be able to help them adjust to their new roles and for wisdom in leading ministry for next year!

  • Mon 28

    Pray for CU and FOCUS Monash Uni Clayton students to continue to point to Jesus in this stressful time; that they would continue seeking to proclaim Christ to their non-Christian friends. Pray that they would be continually filled with the desire to serve God.

    Pray for USQ Christian Students mission teams going to Tewantin-Noosa Presbyterian Church and St James’ Anglican Church in Guyra.

  • Tue 29

    AFES Evangelism || “when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”” (Mark 2:17) | Thank God that Jesus came to call those who are sick and in need of a saviour. Pray God would grow your desire for sinners to be saved.

    Pray for QUT Christians Students attending NTE and missions post-NTE; that they would grow in their love for Jesus. Pray for students that they may use their time fruitfully over the summer break and be ready to come back enthusiastic to live for Jesus on campus.

    Pray for CCS ACU Canberra students as they begin navigating placements, assessments, and exams; that they would continue to find assurance in Christ during this busy time of year.

  • Wed 30

    Pray for CU Mac Uni executive and staff team as they work with the university regarding re-affiliation: for guidance and wisdom throughout this process.

    Pray for CU UNE Armidale students over Trimester 3; that whether they are still studying, working, or taking a break, they would be growing in their faith and continuing to meet with and build up their local Christian community.

    Pray for Melbourne Uni GCU as they look to create a vision for the club post-pandemic in tandem with Melbourne University Christian Union; that it may be deeply aligned in God’s Word alongside with the great commission of making disciples of all nations to the ends of the earth.