October 2022

  • Fri 30 Sep

    Pray for EOC ACU North Sydney; that evangelism culture would continue past their heightened evangelism week. Pray that their members may continue to seek gospel conversations with peers for the rest of semester.

    Pray for CS JCU Townsville and their new International Bible Study, going through a Bible overview; that many more international students will make a commitment to come, and that God’s Word may continue to be spread to people on campus.

  • Sat 1 Oct

    Praise God for Orange Christian Students at Charles Sturt University and those who joined them in Term 4, especially those who don’t yet know Jesus. Pray that those who came to the dessert night on 20 September would come to know Jesus.

    Praise God for those already registered for the 2022 National Training Event (NTE). Pray that students would be excited to be gathering back in-person in Canberra, and that God would be preparing students to be transformed by the gospel, trained in the gospel, and sent with the gospel.

    Pray for James Cook University, Cairns Christian Students as they begin a weekly prayer time; that they would realise the importance and power of persistent prayer.

  • Sun 2

    AFES FOCUS || Pray for God to heal FOCUS Staff who are unwell. Rejoice with FOCUS Staff who are celebrating biological and spiritual new births.

    Pray for Bendigo Christian Union at La Trobe University, Bendigo, and their recent CU girl’s event; that people will be encouraged by God’s Word from that event. Pray for the annual celebration lunch and for people to come to NTE.

  • Mon 3

    AFES Evangelism || “Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”” (John 4:13-14) | Pray that God might graciously bring revival on your campus, that many might have their thirst quenched in Him.

    Praise God for FOCUS Adelaide at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia and the 40+ who attend their day conference in September. Pray that God continues to work in the newcomers from that conference; that they will continue to connect with FOCUS and draw closer to God.

  • Tue 4

    Pray for Sydney University Evangelical Union public meetings; that new people, people who don’t yet know the Lord Jesus, would come and be transformed by God’s Spirit as they hear the wonderful news about Him.

    Pray for University of Western Australia Christian Union’s newly elected student committee; that they would settle in well to the role and serve with godly character in the year ahead.

  • Wed 5

    Pray for Christians at University at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, and their upcoming AGM on 5 October. Pray for the new exec team that will be voted in, that God would give them wisdom as they lead the group.

    Pray for KGK (IFES Japan); that every student would make Jesus King in the fullest, deepest, truest sense, becoming a wonderful force for good in whatever journey God has for them.

    Pray for Bathurst Christian Students at Charles Sturt University; that they would continue to prioritise personal evangelism and be inviting friends to read Uncover Mark.

  • Thu 6

    AFES Apprenticeships || “Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge but being examples to the flock.” (1 Peter 5:2-3) Pray for AFES Apprentices to grow in shepherding their flock according to 1 Peter 5.

    Pray for Adelaide University Evangelical Students as they prepare for their upcoming AGM. Give thanks for the current serving leaders and pray for the incoming executive committee, that Christ would be at the centre of their service next year.

  • Fri 7

    Pray for Australian National University, Canberra FOCUS‘s Small Group bible studies, as they read Exodus; that students’ hearts would be softened and captured by God’s character and deeds. Pray that they would grow in seeing Jesus in the Old Testament and be encouraged and inspired to serve Him with their whole lives.

    Pray for Flinders Evangelical Students, Flinders University, Adelaide, as they prayerfully seek leaders for 2023. Pray for their Leadership retreat and subsequent AGM on 11 October; that those in ES will be open to how God would have them serve in 2023.

  • Sat 8

    Pray for University of New England, Armidale Christians United’s ‘Valedictory Ball’ on 8 October; that it would be a good time of farewell for those graduating and an encouraging send-off as students look to follow Jesus in the rest of their life beyond uni.

    Pray that in line with the AFES Mission statement we will together present students on our campuses mature in Jesus (by God’s strength).

    Pray for FOCUS at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, and their Subbies friends (ministry to students from the subcontinent) to come to trust Jesus. Pray for the new preaching series in Hebrews where they hope to show students that following Jesus is better than following others.

  • Sun 9

    Praise God for FOCUS at University of Wollongong Uni Bible Group; for the many godly women who are proclaiming the gospel and loving the lost. Pray for more international students to join, and that they would hear and receive the gospel message.

    Pray for Graduate Christian Union at the University of Melbourne; that God would guide them from His Word about His vision for the Graduate Christian Union.
    Pray that God may empower the committee and members of the GCU in willingness to strive towards this vision, and that they may better serve those around them and in making Jesus known on Campus.

  • Mon 10

    AFES Evangelism || “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (John 4:34) | God has given us His Spirit, that we might worship Him anywhere, any time. Ask God to give you joy in communing with Him in prayer today!

    Pray for Canberra Christian Society at Australian Catholic University, Canberra‘s small group studies during October as they look at what it means to live practically for Jesus and the Kingdom through identity, work, and money.

  • Tue 11

    Pray for Uni Bible Study at Charles Sturt University, Albury-Wodonga as they prepare to host an outreach event for ‘Operation Christmas Child’ on 13 October; that those who come to pack the shoeboxes will be encouraged by the fellowship and challenged to think about the greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

    Pray for RMIT Christian Union, Melbourne‘s Leadership Team at their upcoming AGM on 11 of October; that God would raise up the next generation of godly servants to serve wholeheartedly on the student leadership committee.

  • Wed 12

    Praise God for Charles Darwin University Christians, Darwin, NT, and that across the last few weeks they had the amazing opportunity to perform the Mark Drama. Thank God for His strength, wisdom, and peace, and pray that he will enable CDUC students grown in their faith and depend on Him in times of need.

    Praise God for Griffith Christian Students at Griffith University, Brisbane, and the good fellowship they had at their AGM and the dinner afterwards. Pray for the new and continuing student leaders for wisdom and maturity as well as the growth of all saints at their university.

  • Thu 13

    Pray for Murdoch Christians United at Murdoch University, WA ’s ‘Faith and Film’ event on 13 October. Pray that MCU-ers would use this event as an opportunity to invite their non-Christian friends to have deep conversations on the themes of the movie and how they relate to the Bible.

    Pray for Monash University, Clayton’s Christian Union and FOCUS‘s upcoming debate with the Philosophy club ‘Is Christianity True?’ on 13 October: for strong attendance and that God would soften the hearts and spark the curiosity of non-Christians attending.

  • Fri 14

    AFES FOCUS || Pray for staff preparing international students to not just survive but thrive as they return home overseas.

    Pray for Christian Union at Deakin University Burwood, Victoria’s new student leaders: for unity for the new team, that they’d step into their roles well, would have a capacity to learn and flourish under Christ and find joy and wisdom in leading others to Him as well.

  • Sat 15

    Pray for James Cook University, Townsville Christian Students, and their Celebration Dinner on 15 October. Pray that the logistics and planning go well, and many people may attend to celebrate not just the association, but their mutual love of God and His Word.

    Pray for students at Bathurst CS CSU; that they would have energy to finish the term and serve campus well.

  • Sun 16

    Pray for MENA (IFES Middle East and North Africa); thank God for keeping and guarding His people, even in places which are hostile to the gospel, and for their courageous continuation of ministry in the face of strong opposition.

    Pray for GCS Griffith Uni Brisbane and their new series starting for the last half of this trimester as well as other courses – particularly courses on evangelism and knowing The Gospel. Pray that students would use their time well as they balance their studies to finish this trimester.

  • Mon 17

    AFES Evangelism || ““My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.” (John 4:34) | Sometimes serving God can feel like an obligation or a burden. Jesus says that doing God’s work is food; life! Pray that God might give you great joy, satisfaction and fullness in partnering with Him in His work.

    Pray for students leaving Orange CS CSU at the end of this year; that as they prepare to leave, they would grow and serve God wherever they go.

  • Tue 18

    Pray for CU RMIT CU and their final few main meetings on Tuesday nights at the RMIT City Campus; that our great Father in heaven would continue to transform people by His Word to love and serve Him.

    Pray that in line with AFES’ first value, by His grace, God will transform lives on our campuses into the likeness of Jesus.

  • Wed 19

    Pray for IFES World Student Day on 21 October, as students across the globe prepare to gather and ask God to ‘Renew’; that as a global fellowship we would continue to put our faith in the God of the streams in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:19).

    Pray for Bendigo CU La Trobe and their new servant team nominations and AGM for next year; that God will raise up new leaders passionate for his mission on campus and see the CU continue to grow.

  • Thu 20

    AFES Apprenticeships || Pray that God would give AFES Apprentices a heart for mission to the world, and that they would prayerfully consider what part they will play in God’s mission in the future. Pray God will raise up godly women and men to be sent into the world to proclaim Christ from amongst AFES Apprentices.

    Pray for UBS CSU Albury-Wodonga students as they begin exams in mid-October; that the hearts of all students will be willing to receive the lasting strength, peace and joy that is found only in Christ during this stressful time.

  • Fri 21

    Pray for MCU Murdoch Uni WA; that the non-Christians who’ve attended campus Bible talk would be eager to investigate Jesus’ claims and come to know Him as Christ their Lord.

    Pray for FOCUS Adelaide and ‘World Student Day’ as students connect and pray with each other and praise God for His goodness over all student groups across the globe. Pray for God’s deliverance and guidance over trials that student groups are currently facing.

  • Sat 22

    Pray for CECNIC (IFES Nicaragua); that the Holy Spirit would sustain and strengthen CECNIC students as they seek to reach broken lives by witnessing to the truth and light of the gospel.

    Pray for Uni Bible Group UOW students as they reach the final weeks of the semester and head into exams. Pray that they would be energised and productive in their study and fix their eyes on God through this busy time.

  • Sun 23

    Pray for CU and FOCUS Monash Uni Clayton‘s committee handover process between the old committee and the new one; that the transition would be smooth, and that God would equip the new committee to serve Him faithfully.

    Pray for Adelaide Uni ES; that students would be shining lights for Jesus in the business of the last 4 weeks of semester. Pray that they may conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the eternal hope they have in Christ amidst exam and assignment stress. Please pray for many gospel sharing opportunities with classmates during this time.

  • Mon 24

    AFES Evangelism || “Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” (John 4:35) | Pray that God would give you great hope and expectation that the harvest on your campus is ripe, that you would be bold and courageous in seeking to share the gospel with those around you.

    Pray for ANU FOCUS‘s event ‘Extravaganza’ on 24 October. As they reflect on the year, celebrate together and farewell students, pray that it would be a time of great encouragement and thanksgiving.

  • Tue 25

    Pray for CU UNE Armidale as many students in the CU disperse over Trimester 3 to their families or work in different towns. Pray that they can remain intentional and strong in their faith and bring the gospel with them wherever they go.

    Pray for Subbies & FOCUS Hobart UTAS; that God would raise up more mission-minded Christians to join the Subbies team seeking to minister to students from the subcontinent. They need more help in proclaiming the gospel to these students.

  • Wed 26

    Pray that AFES will double our reach in calling people to turn back to Jesus in repentance and faith by 2025.

    Pray for Port Macquarie Christian Students as they finish Semester 2 with exams and assignments. Pray that they continue to grow in their faith and not lose sight of God’s mission in sharing the gospel with friends.

  • Thu 27

    Pray for CS JCU Townsville‘s current exec team as they plan and decide who would be suitable to serve on the team next year. Pray that they may be led by the Holy Spirit and choose godly, motivated students. Pray for the students that are asked to be exec, that they may rely on God’s judgment for their response and that the new year’s exec may continue to have a passion for making God known on campus.

    Pray for Melbourne Uni GCU as they consider how to unite the various ministries of GCU (GCU Medicine, Christian Union International, and Christians in Academia); that they may strive in unity to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

  • Fri 28

    Pray for ES Flinders Uni Adelaide in the months after their ‘Jesus Week’ events; that those who have agreed to read the Bible with an ES-er for the first time, will come to know Jesus as their saviour.

    Pray for CCS ACU Canberra, that God would be raising up and equipping new leaders for CCS in 2023. Pray that God would be stirring hearts as CCS seeks new members for their executive and their small groups.

  • Sat 29

    Pray for CDU Christians NT and their studies; that God would give students the ears to listen and understand, the motivation to seek God’s glory through the storm. Praise God for ‘Friday Night Connect’ and what great joy it was growing and learning with their brothers and sisters. Pray that the non-Christians in attendance would be challenged by God’s Words.

    Pray for students at CU Deakin Uni Burwood who are leaving this trimester; that they would remain firm in what they’ve learnt, would plant deep roots in churches and would grow in Christ-likeness as they transition into new life. Pray for new, keen disciples to fill their place.

    Pray for CS JCU Townsville and their new International Bible Study, going through a Bible overview; that many more international students will make a commitment to come, and that God’s Word may continue to be spread to people on campus.

  • Sun 30

    Pray for CS JCU Cairns as the group continues to grow; that they would build each other up in their faith, encouraging each other to share Jesus at University.

    Pray for CU UWA Perth as they ask students to lead small group bible studies next year; that God would be raising up many students to learn to read and teach His Word well.

  • Mon 31

    AFES Evangelism || “The woman went back to the town and said to the people, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?”…Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony” (John 4:28, 29, 39). | Pray that like this woman, God would use your testimony of God’s love to lead many to believe in Him.

    Pray for the FOCUS ministry of EU Sydney Uni; that international students would grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus.