June PrayerNet

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Thu 30 May

Pray for the EU Sydney Uni students who are currently reading Uncover with non-Christian friends; that God would be strengthening His disciples as they read, and softening hearts of unbelievers to accept His grace.

Fri 31 May

Pray for confidence for CBM WSU Penrith members to invite their friends to their bible groups, and that God would work in the hearts and minds of all who attend.

Sat 1 June

Pray for Queensland University of Technology Christians for leaders on campus; that the students that are leading in various ways (bible talks, studies and one-ones) do not grow weary and are bolstered by and through the love of God.

Sun 2

Pray that Bathurst Christian Students at Charles Sturt University will continue to meet with Christians during exams and the mid-year break; that they will continue to be nurtured in their faith.

Mon 3

AFES Evangelism || “Jesus said, ‘For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.’?John 9:39 | Pray that we’ll have confidence to speak God’s word and trust God with the outcome – sight or blindness.

Tue 4

Pray for the students at the University of Western Australia Christian Union engaged in walk up evangelism; that they would be filled with courage and wisdom so that the campus can hear about Jesus.

Please pray for Credo at the University of Technology Sydney and their mission team as they prepare to head overseas. Praise God for the encouraging time of sharing among the group, and for the generous supporters He has raised up to walk alongside the team. Pray for final preparations to be smooth, and for continual dependence on our Father in all they do.

Wed 5

Praise God that Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown bible studies have run smoothly this semester and taught about Jesus their high priest and king.

Thu 6

Pray for Christian Union, Macquarie University, Sydney as they prepare for their Mid-Year Conference where they will learn about the Cross of Christ; that God would be with the planning committee and the students alike.

AFES FOCUS || Pray for godly wisdom for government leaders following discussion about reducing or capping the number of international students coming to Australia.

Fri 7

Pray for MENA (IFES Middle East and North Africa); that God will protect all those involved in the group and change the hearts of family members who stand opposed to Christ. Pray also for the seven leaders who recently received training; that they will remain steadfast in their faith and be used by God to multiply the group and establish its witness.

Sat 8

Praise God for the Bundoora Christian Union at La Trobe University, Bundoora Base Camp held in April and for the good relationships developed.

Pray that AFES will double our reach in calling people to turn back to Jesus in repentance and faith by 2025.

Sun 9

Pray that at the University of Western Australia Christian Union planning for the national ‘Meet Jesus’ mission would go smoothly and students would be convicted to evangelise to their friends in light of this.

Mon 10

AFES Evangelism || “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me… and I lay down my life for the sheep.” John 10:14-15 | Pray that thousands will know that Jesus is good because of his sacrifice and selfless death.

Tue 11

Pray that many Griffith Christian Students at Griffith University, Gold Coast students will see the value in attending the Mid-Year Camp and register.

Pray for the Campus Bible Ministries at Western Sydney University, Penrith Aqua Golf social event running on 11 June; that it will be well attended and that we might be able to build connections through this event.

Wed 12

Pray for a smooth transition for Edith Cowan University Christian Union, Mt Lawley, Perth as the role of President is transferred.

Pray for preparations for Charles Darwin University Christians, Darwin, NT Mid Year Getaway. For David Purton our speaker who is speaking on Guidance and the Will of God.

Thu 13

Pray for Melbourne University Christian Union students as they enter a busy exam period and holidays; that they may remain steadfast in prayer and quiet time with God.

Pray that students at Murdoch Christians United at Murdoch University, WA, would sign up for their Mid-Year Conference being held in July and that it would be beneficial in equipping students for navigating life under God.

Fri 14

Pray that in line with the AFES Mission statement we will constantly be in prayerful dependence upon God for all that we do on every campus for his glory.

Pray for the students of University of New England, Armidale Christians United as they head home for trimester break. Give thanks for this time of rest and pray that students would use their time well, growing in their habits of bible reading and prayer.

Sat 15

Pray for the upcoming QUT Christians MYC from 15-19 July with the theme ‘God Made Known’; that people will be able to see for the first time or afresh the wonders of who God has revealed himself to be through his Word.

Please pray Griffith Christian Students at Griffith University, Brisbane and the combined universities ‘Meet Jesus’ events in June; that students would be bold in inviting their friends.

Sun 16

Pray for the planning of CU UWA Perth evangelistic events in the lead up to Semester 2; that they would be effective in conveying the gospel to non-Christians and will result in many coming to know Christ.

Mon 17

AFES Evangelism || “There was again a division because of these words. Many of them said, ‘He is insane! Why listen to him?’ Others said, ‘These are not the words of a demon!’” John 10:19-21 | Pray they will have courage to convince people that Jesus is worth listening to, even if they think they too are evil or insane.

Pray for CBM WSU Penrith students as they prepare for exams running from 17-30 June; that they would prioritise God during this busy time.

Tue 18

Pray for good, God-honouring relationships between CU Mac Uni and churches in the area.

Wed 19

Pray for James Cook University, Townsville Christian Students as many students prepare for exams and others begin placement; that they would keep seeking to live for Jesus in the busyness of this time of year.

Pray that many students at CU UNE Armidale will register for MYC being held on 19-23 June and that students would see MYC as a fun opportunity to introduce their unbelieving friends to the gospel. Pray that there would be great growth in student’s understanding of God’s word through manuscript discovery bible studies, discussion groups and through the talk series.

Thu 20

AFES FOCUS || Pray for the FOCUS Senior Staff Conference from 20-21 June: for those presenting and for staff to be equipped to help reach their AFES Vision.

Fri 21

Pray for wisdom for CDU Christians NT in their interactions with the staff from student groups on campus, who want clubs to have a unified, common constitution. Pray that this won’t negatively impact CDU‘s witness on campus

Sat 22

Pray that in line with AFES second value, we will constantly shape all our methods, our ministries, and our mission by the Scriptures.

Sun 23

Pray for Melbourne Uni CU’s Planning Day on 24 June; that the student leaders and staff may make helpful and wise ministry decisions for the glory of God.

Pray for the Bundoora CU La Trobe as they discuss how to partner with other clubs at LaTrobe, to share the gospel.

Mon 24

AFES Evangelism || “The works that I do in my Father’s name bear witness about me, but you do not believe because you are not among my sheep. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:25-27) | Pray that we’ll open the Scriptures with unbelievers so that Jesus’ sheep can hear his voice.

Tue 25

Pray for the committee at MCU Murdoch Uni WA as they plan for Semester 2 from 25-27 June; that they would have wisdom and humility as they consider which events to run in Semester 2.

Pray for CCU (IFES Bolivia) and give thanks for last month’s webinar which gave students the opportunity to find out more about small groups, what they are, how they work, and how to get one started. Pray that more CCU students will get involved and multiply the ministry.

Wed 26

Pray for Port Macquarie Christian Students Monday Nights; that many students will continue to come along and hear the good news.

Praise God for the recent growth in GCS Griffith Uni Brisbane ABC Bible study groups on campus, especially with non-Christians.?

Thu 27?

Pray for wisdom for the CU ECU Mt Lawley Perth committee as they plan for semester 2.

Pray that AFES will double our numbers offering themselves for Missionary Service by 2025.

Fri 28

Pray that a large portion of Bathurst CS CSU will attend the Mid-Year Conference from 28 June – 3 July and will enjoy the fellowship of the Albury, Wagga and Orange CSU Christian groups that also attend.

Sat 29

Pray for Port Mac CS as they look to attend their Mid-Year Conference from 1-4 July; that a large number of students will register and that it will be a blessed time of digging into God’s word and spending time together.

Sun 30

Pray that the GCS Griffith Uni Gold Coast Mid-Year Camp being held from 2-5 July will build students’ faith as they hear and learn about ‘Grace: The Sweetest Sound’.

Pray that many students at the CU UWA Perth would sign up for Mid-Year Conference being held from 8-12 July so they will grow in their faith and deepen Christian connections with each other.